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[In The Mood] Rice Bowl Pair Set (White & Blue)


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[In The Mood] Rice Bowl Pair Set (White & Blue)


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Auspicious "Hidari-uma" rice bowls bring good fortune

This set of rice bowls has an engraved "Hidari-uma" mark, which symbolizes good health. Since ancient times, it has been said that "a horse will trip if you mount from the right, but will stand firm if you mount from the left". The "hidari-uma" ("left horse") symbol is a reversed version of the character for "horse", and is believed to attract good luck. Perfect for festive occasions and gifts. 

This set contains a horse charm from Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto. Because the character for "horse" also resembles a coin purse, the symbol of wealth, it is also enjoyed as a charm for financial luck.

Material: ceramic
Size: 12.5 cm (diameter), 6.7 cm (height)
Weight (g) (product only): 350 g
Weight (g) (including packaging): 400 g
Made in: Japan
Brand: InTheMood
Manufacturer: Harmonic

Item No. V04040999028

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