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Wallets,Card holders

Jacquard Animal 5.5 Rectangular Purse


In Stock V04929XXX028

Wallets,Card holders

Jacquard Animal 5.5 Rectangular Purse


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This animal-patterned rectangular purse is made by Souvenir Co., Ltd. The Jacguard texture of all the products by Souvenir is processed in Japan. The process which was selected among a lot of traditional methods of weaving shows us its color and appearance of the purse beautifully. The experienced craftsmen have put in their efforts on every process of this purse production, thanks to that, this purse is finished up with its high-quality and adorable look. It is also recommended to use as a pouch which can be put a bank book, passport, stationery or cosmetics in.


■Color : Please use the "SIZE" pull-down box to choose a color.

1.Panda Blue

2.Monkey Orange

3.Sheep Pink

■Size: Height: approx.10.5cm, Length: approx.17cm, Width: approx. 2.5cm

■Materials: Synthetic Leather

■Country of origin:Kyoto, Osaka

■Manufacturer: Souvenir Co., Ltd.

■Weight(g)(only product):65

■Weight(g)(including packaging):85


Putting strong power on the inner metal parts may cause scratches. Be careful when using.

Item No. V04929XXX028

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