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Kanazawa Stickers Set of 4


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Kanazawa Stickers Set of 4


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A sticker set made of Noto Thujopsis, the prefectural tree of Ishikawa. Noto Thujopsis are grown in the Noto area in Ishikawa, and has a distinct aroma which is “hinokitiol”. It has stress-relieving, heart-easing and relaxing effects, so it's used for the various uses. The design of sticker was inspired by Kanazawa city, the capital of Ishikawa. This is a rare wooden sticker which will be great gift for who likes stickers, stationaries or have planners, it will be a great gift as well. The cute design and aroma of Thujopsis will make happy who have them.

■ Size details: 143 mm × 93 mm

■ Weight [g]: 8

■ Weight (including packing) [g]: 12

■ Materials: Noto cypress

■ Origin: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa

■ Brand: Ishikawa Brand 

■ Precautions: Applying excessive force on this project may cause it to break, as it is made out of wood. 

Item No. V01518999028

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