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Seasoning, Spices

100 Year Tradition Miso 6 containers/set


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Takaraya main store

Seasoning, Spices

100 Year Tradition Miso 6 containers/set


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This product is non additive malted miso produced by the long-established malted rice shop which has a history of over 100years by using the traditional production method of malted rice. Carefully picked soy beans and rice are used to emphasize on Japan-made ingredients. 90% of this miso is made from malted rice, it is so popular for its flavor that this product makes customers buy again. It is a bit sweet and rich so it goes with many various cuisine.

Contents: 750g×6


Ingredient: Soy beans, Rice, Salt

Contents: 750g

Weight(g)(including packaging):5,000g

Place of origin: Japan

Serving instruction: Available for miso soup, miso pickles or eat something dipped in it.


 · Avoid direct sunlight and store in room temperature.

Refrigerate after opening.

The container may modify due to high temperature. Do not pour hot water into the container. Avoid leaving it at high temperature for a long time.

Storage instruction: Room temperature

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  ・ Japan

Item No. V04856999028

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